Wednesday, December 15, 2010

VB + C# Adventures (Final Part)

Now that I’ve been using C# continuously for my current project, I can honestly say that I can switch between VB.NET and C# easily.  As I’ve said before, I learned .NET in C# a long time ago and personal projects are done in C#, but most of my production experience has been using VB.NET

Do I regret having to use VB.NET?  Not at all, because it’s all about the framework, not the syntax.  I like being able to use both languages and achieve the same outcome.  Of course I can’t say that I know C# inside and out, but I can’t say the same about VB.NET either.  I also feel a sense of pride being able to do more than one language and not complain about it.  I still find it funny when my developer friends say something like “Oh I hate VB.NET.” or “I can program in C# about 3x faster than VB.NET.”

So which language do I prefer?  I have always preferred C# over VB.NET, but I’ve never complained and never will, if I have to use VB.NET for a project.  Sometimes there’s no choice in what language you have to use and knowing both is a useful skill to have.  Maybe one day if we need to develop some kind of math intensive library, F# will be thrown my way :)

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