Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Visual Studio 2010, When “Save All” Doesn’t Mean “Save All”

I found a minor bug related to the Save All functionality while updating our build definitions.  A new project was added to our TFS and this needed to be cloaked for all of our existing build definitions.  No problem, just add the path, set it to cloaked, and copy the line so you can easily paste it in your next build definition without having to pick the path. 

I did this for five of our definitions and I decided to go back to the first one for some reason to double check.  Why didn’t the path get saved?  I hit Save All and didn’t get a prompt when I closed the build definitions, so what gives?  Okay, maybe it was a glitch or something so I did it again, this time I tried using the regular Save instead of Save All.  This time my build definitions were updated. 

It seems like there’s a bug with Save All and updating build definitions.  I submitted the issue to Microsoft, but they want a video… I’m always wary about submitting anything work related to the public domain so I had to decline.  Hopefully the issue gets resolved, but in the meantime if anybody else is having the same issue, just hit Save instead.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Reappearing Breakpoint (VS2010)

Today I somehow made VS2010 crash in the middle of debugging.  After I reopened my project, I noticed that a breakpoint that I had deleted previously kept on showing up.  Needless to say this was quite confusing since I removed it.  No problem, I’ll just remove it again…

Whenever I ran my application in debug mode, the breakpoint would magically reappear! I thought maybe it was a glitch, so I just closed and reopened my project.  F5 and why is it reappearing when I just deleted it?  Okay, I’ll just shut down VS and reopen it… F5, OMG why won’t you go away?! 

Debug->Delete All Breakpoints fixed it… life’s a glitch.