Wednesday, October 20, 2010

VS2010 IDE vs Stand Alone Execution Weirdness (Mouse Wheel)

So I’m doing some ActiveX Interop with my WPF application.  As most people know, it’s more of a two step process with WPF since you have to host the ActiveX control inside of a WindowsFormsHost object before you can introduce it into a WPF Control or Window.

Anyway, I was testing my component in the IDE and it seemed to be working fine.  Next, I ran the application by itself because it’s faster than through the IDE and I found that my mouse wheel was not working.  What gives? Why would it work properly in the IDE, but not by itself?

I got frustrated and posted a question on the MSDN forums about it.  Since my ActiveX component has license restrictions, I couldn’t provide a proper sample application.  I then got the suggestion to host the Interop component in a Winforms application as a test.  My Winforms sample project works as it should inside and outside of the IDE.

I then tried to just start a simple WPF application with the Interop control and the same behavior occurs as in my main project: Mouse Wheel works in the IDE, but not stand alone.  At this point it seems like it’s a WPF/ActiveX Interop issue.

Another suggestion I got was to use Spy++ to see my component was responding to the Mouse Wheel messages.  I opened up Spy++, but before I did anything I noticed that my application was now handling the Mouse Wheel messages.  Now here’s what’s confusing me, as soon as I closed Spy++, my application stopped handling Mouse Wheel messages again.  Why does the simple fact of having Spy++ open make my ActiveX component work correctly???  I didn’t event start logging the component!

According to Spy++, my component was indeed handling Mouse Wheel messages as indicated by the log and also because the component was scrolling as it should… I’m waiting for a response to my forum post, hopefully someone can tell me what’s going on.

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